1-Year Manufacturer Warranty Overview:

Terms and Conditions

Coverage Period

The product is covered for one (1) year from the original invoice date under normal residential use.

Scope of Coverage:

Warranty includes defects in workmanship and materials; it excludes damages from misuse, negligence, and wear and tear.

Upholstery Product Warranties

  • Mechanism, wood, metal frame, and electric systems covered for one year.
  • Case/remote materials warranty for one year.
  • Limited warranty on wood against seam failure and major cracking.
  • Plastics warranty excludes pilling and fading due to overexposure to sunlight or weather.
  • Metal warranty against welding seam failure and material defects for one year.

Warranty Limitations

  • Exclusions: commercial use, inadequate maintenance, misuse, abuse, shipping damage, and more.
  • No express warranties beyond those stated.
  • Consumer rights vary; statutory rights applicable.

Claim Procedures

  • Defective claims within one year from the invoice date.
  • Missing parts claims within 2 days of receiving merchandise.
  • Defective merchandise must be returned in original packaging.
  • Inspection by the original warehouse or representative; pictures and an invoice copy are required.

Fees and Charges

  • $150/hour charge with a minimum 2-hour inspection.
  • Full payment is required before the start of work, as are storage fees for items left at the facility.
  • Shipping costs the customer's responsibility unless otherwise instructed.

Claim Rejection and Extended Warranty:
Rejected claims may be covered by an extended warranty; inquire at sales@revospindj.com.

Note: Retain invoices for a minimum of one year for warranty purposes. The warranty is not transferable between units or buyers.